“Examinations!” cried Thaw. “It’s all examinations! Must everything we do satisfy someone else before it’s worthwhile? Is everything we do because we enjoy it selfish and useless? Primary school, secondary school, university, they’ve got the first twenty-four years of our lives numbered off for us and to get into the year above we’ve to pass an exam. Everything is done to please the examiner, never for fun. The one pleasure they allow is anticipation: ‘Things will be better after the exam.’ It’s a lie. Things are never better after the exam.

Lanark: A Life in Four Books (Alasdair Gray) – Highlight on Page 161


Weather at work


“If culture takes time to change, you can change the climate in your firm much faster. The “weather” determines how people feel at work. Make them comfortable, safe, and happy (also known as “hygiene factors”), and they’re likely to add value. Ignore their basic needs and their feelings, and you’ll bring out the devil in them.”


Making Sense of Strategy (Tony Manning) – Highlight Loc. 762-64  Kindle Edition


Traditions and Rituals

Armies possessed traditions, and these had less to do with discipline than with the fraught truths of the human spirit. Rituals at the beginning, shared among each and every recruit. And rituals at the end, a formal closure that was recognition—recognition in every way imaginable. They were necessary. Their gift was a kind of sanity, a means of coping. A soldier cannot be sent away without guidance, cannot be abandoned and left lost in something unrecognizable and indifferent to their lives.

Memories of Ice (Steven Erikson)  Page 333


Goblin ownership

To a goblin, the rightful and true master of any object is the maker, not the purchaser. All goblin made objects are, in goblin eyes, rightfully theirs.” “But it was bought –” “– then they would consider it rented by the one who had paid the money. They have, however, great difficulty with the idea of goblin-made objects passing from wizard to wizard. You saw Griphook’s face when the tiara passed under his eyes. He disapproves. I believe he thinks, as do the fiercest of his kind, that it ought to have been returned to the goblins once the original purchaser died. They consider our habit of keeping goblin-made objects, passing them from wizard to wizard without further payment, little more than theft.”


Harry Potter and the deathly hallows (Book 7) (J. K. Rowling) Page 373